Anne Marie Kelly’s voice is pitched low, in the region where Adele meets Marlene Dietrich. The intimacy of her delivery and the subtle shading of her interpretation draw out the emotional wealth inherent within the jazz, folk, traditional irish and rock standards that make up her repertoire. 

Her early musical career took her on a path around the smoky rock venues of the nineties branching off into a sophisticated world of swing and jazz, establishing her as a professional artist of elegance and class. 

She works with a wide variety of musicians and bands, celebrating the diversity of her artist freedom to bring bespoke musical services to her client base. From speak easy restaurants to high energy bars, private house parties to large corporate events, she tailors each performance and musical selection specifically for the atmosphere required. Working with one musician in her line up, or as a front woman for big showbands, she is the kernel of success of every musical event she embraces.